About Us


There is a king or queen in everyone. It's life that writes the stories. Some things can be influenced, some things are given. When I visit my mother in her orphanage in Togo and see how little it takes to make the children happy, even though they have all experienced a terrible fate. As a proud family father, I sometimes reach my limits. But even me with my skin color, those are the things that you can't influence. Or whether you were born into a rich or poor family. Then you have to make your own decisions, sometimes right or sometimes wrong, that shape life.

But no matter who you are, where you are or what you do. Each person can be their own king or queen within. Every human being is a human being just like everyone else. It doesn't matter what others claim or say. This feeling drove me from early childhood. As did the little boy from the orphanage, whom I simply called William on behalf of all the orphans, with what joy he played with a football I had brought with me. Yes, he was a king in that moment.

The older you get, the greater the challenges. It is all the more important to stay true to yourself and to find and go your own way. All this made me realize my own childhood dream. In 2019 I gave up my very good job as CFO in a globally successful company and founded my own fashion label. Even if others thought I was crazy or unreasonable, I did.

My Label Name: WILLIAM Logo: The Crown. Powerful and noble. And from every item sold, 20% of the profit goes to my mother in Africa in the orphanage.

In my work, it is particularly important to me that my collection stands out from the usual streetwear with very powerful and simple designs. Quality plays an important role for me. You should feel good. I can only sell what I stand behind 100%. Authentic and honest.

And that's exactly what I want to convey. If you want you can be a king or a queen. For a moment. For a whole day. For a lifetime.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else. wear different, stay different!

The children from the orphanage